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Sleeps Up to 70

Cedar Creek Phase I - Peaceful,Wooded Location



Bear Creek



4 bedrooms/3 baths   2 bedrooms/2 baths   3 bedrooms/3 baths
Sleeps up to 12   Sleeps up to 4   Sleeps up to 10





3 bedrooms/3 baths   3 bedrooms/3 baths    
Sleeps up to 10   Sleeps up to 10    

Just added BobCat Lodge 3 bedrooms/3 baths sleeps 11 and is walking distance from Paradise.

The first phase of Cedar Creek Cabin's park-like development contains five cabins that can sleep up to 50 people. Holiday's entrance is only another tenth of a mile away.   All five cabins border the same creek and can be easily reached by a short stroll in the woods (if you prefer to drive it is a less direct route about 0.5 miles long). Paradise and BobCat is a a 5 minute walk from the Inspiration cabin.

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