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Cabins with Hot Tubs gets Things Cooking

mountain cabins
The spirit of romance has not disappeared for those willing to seek it out.  You want to spend some quality time with your loved one, perhaps reconnecting during your own romantic getaway in the mountain forests of North Georgia in your own rental cabin near the beautiful Bavarian mountain town of Alpine Helen, Georgia.  Imagine dining in some of the finest restaurants in the state that offer a taste of European hospitality, and afterwards you can take your significant other on a carriage ride to admire the lights and the seasonal beauty of Helen.  Afterward, you can return to your cabin in Helen Georgia  and relax in each others company under the beauty of a star-filled North Georgia sky. 


North Ga Cabin Rentals - A Family Affair

North Ga Cabin Rentals

Sometimes the pressures of life can weigh you down. We spend so much time thinking about all the other things we need to do that it takes a toll on what is most important: our families.  But when vacation time comes we can pack the family into the car and head to the majestic mountains of Georgia to check out North GA cabin rentals. Don't forget to pack the fishing gear, because the North Georgia Mountains offer some premier fishing spots for you to reconnect with your family, fishing some of the most beautiful waters in the state.

Experience the Breathtaking Views at Cedar Creek Cabins

Helen Ga

The pressures of the world can all too often weigh you down, and sometimes you need a change of scenery which doesn’t include asphalt and high-rise buildings.  Imagine waking up to the beauty of a mountain sunrise or sitting on the deck to watch a colorful sunset as you listen to the soothing sound of a running waterfall.  Cedar Creek Cabins can provide you with a home away from home that offers you all the desired amenities with a few added luxuries and an amazing view of either mountain vistas or waterfalls that are sure to enlighten your spirit to the joys of living. 

Leave the City Behind and Head to the Mountains

Helen Ga

The pressures of life can sometimes weigh you down, and you feel you need to get away for awhile.  But where can you go?  What can you do?  Where can you trade in the smog for the fresh cool mountain air?  Where can you trade in the noise of heavy traffic for the soothing songs of the birds singing in the trees or the gentle sound of a creek running by?  Leave the city life behind you and head to the mountains of North Georgia where mountain cabin rentals can provide you with a home away from home and the beautiful city of Alpine Helen Georgia can offer a treasure trove of enjoyable activities. 

Private Cabin Rentals in Helen GA

Helen Ga
What was your experience the last time you stayed in a hotel? For many people, a stay in a hotel means having to interact with crowds of people and put up with their noise, their messes and the inconveniences of bumping elbows with other tourists. Then there's the intrusive hotel staff and daily housekeeping.

How about a stay in a bed and breakfast? Staying in an owner occupied home could mean you're stuck looking at someone's old vacation photos or hearing stories about their kids and pets when all you really want to do is relax. No thanks.

If those options don't sound like your idea of a vacation, head north to the cabins in Helen, GA instead. Enjoy your time away from home by enjoying that time on your own. Don't share your vacation with strangers around every corner.

Quality cabin rentals in Helen, Georgia can help you choose a cabin with the right amount of privacy for you and the folks you're on vacation with. Most cabins are situated far from neighbors so you don't have to listen to them and they don't have to listen to you. You can step out onto the deck in the morning and enjoy nothing but the sound of birds, water and the natural surroundings of the Appalachian foothills.

Private cabins in Helen, Georgia also mean you won't have to put up with the noises and distractions of people staying in the next room. If it's peace and quiet you want, it is peace and quiet you will get.

Having a little privacy on vacation makes your time away that much more relaxing and refreshing. Instead of changing your vacation plans to meet the needs of the place you're staying at, you get to set the schedule and the pace of your vacation. Enjoy your time of rest and relaxation at one of our Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals.


Enjoy a Secluded Romance Package

mountain cabin rentals
Could anything be better than snuggling up with your special someone, far away from the distractions and interruptions of everyday life? You may catch a special night here or there or a quiet hour or two a couple of times a week. But when you really want some time away, nothing beats one of the secluded Georgia mountain cabin rentals and a weekend romance package to put a spark back in your love life.
Book your romantic getaway today to take advantage of Cedar Creek Cabin's romance package (offer is limited to specific dates and times). The package includes:

  • A private, secluded luxury cabin built just for two;
  • Firewood to keep the fires burning all night long;
  • Both a hot tub and an indoor jacuzzi bath tub (select cabins);
  • And a $40 gift card to a gourmet restaurant in nearby Helen, GA.
Let the quiet and solitude of the northern Appalachian foothills transport you and your loved one to another place where romance and love flourishes. Listen to the babbling streams, take in the beautiful views and enjoy the company of the one you love.

Kick up the romance quotient by enjoying the many activities made just for love birds like a horseback ride just for two through the forest or a carriage ride through the Bavarian streets of Helen GA. Explore the Georgia wine country enjoying delicious wine, breathtaking views and the company of your special someone.

Instead of relying on those stolen moments you can find during your busy, hectic schedules, set aside some more quality time with your honey and book a romantic getaway to the Cedar Creek Cabins today.

Blue Ridge Cabins vs. Helen GA Cabins

Helen Ga Cabins
Visiting northern Georgia is a magical vacation experience. The rugged beauty of the Appalachian foothills and the enduring charm of the small mountain communities bring people back to this area time and time again to relax, renew and feel refreshed in their lives. And while there are several cabin rental options available in northern Georgia, staying in the cabins in Helen has distinct advantages over staying in the Blue Ridge Mountain Cabin Rentals.

The Alps in the Appalachians
Another benefit of the cabins in Helen is the town of Helen itself. This town is a full recreation of an alpine Bavarian village complete with cobblestone alleys and turreted towers. Each store, restaurant and building adheres to a design code giving Helen an Old World flavor. You can find authentic German fare, enjoy the month-long Oktoberfest celebration or shop in the traditional Christkindlmarkt.

Close in Yet Far Away
Helen lies at that critical point between the metropolis of Atlanta and the northern wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This town sits right on the edge of the Chattahoochee National Forest and you can gain access to this area via several highways and roads. It takes just about 90 minutes to drive from the center of Atlanta to Helen. To get to Blue Ridge, you have to drive through the forest on one of just two roads that lead to Blue Ridge.

Outdoor Recreation
Cabins in Helen give you unprecedented access to all kinds of outdoor recreational activities. The Chattahoochee National Forest is just outside your front door where hiking, mountain biking and horse back riding opportunities abound. The stunning double waterfall of Anna Ruby Falls, a popular hiking and scenic destination, is located just outside of Helen. The Chattahoochee River also intersects with the town of Helen providing opportunities to raft, kayak and tube down this river.

A Grape Escape
The Georgia wine country is growing both in prestige and popularity. You will be within extremely close proximity of at least seven of these great Georgia wineries. Staying in Blue Ridge means you'll have to drive further to access Georgia Wine Country and this is a gem of an area you will want to visit before it becomes as popular as Napa Valley.
Visiting northern Georgia is an experience you will want to have again and again. Staying at the cabins in Helen instead of Blue Ridge will make your visit that much more worthwhile.


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How to Make the Perfect S'more

North Georgia Cabin Rentals
 There's nothing quite like a roaring fire in a fireplace. And the best accompaniment to a fire is S'Mores, that perfect combination of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Making the perfect S'More takes skill, ingenuity and the right tools of the trade. Here's how it's done.

Step one: In real estate, location is everything. The same goes for treats and snacks. The best location for S'Mores is in a luxury cabin in Helen, Ga, where the cabins come with fireplaces.

Step two
: Putting together the tools of the trade is the next step. You'll need firewood, skewers, graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Then, book one of Cedar Creek Cabins Rentals romantic cabin getaways. Be sure to check for Romance Package specials, if you book on line.

Step three: Build the fire up and let it burn for awhile to establish hot coals, perfect for roasting the marshmallows. When the coals are hot enough, push the larger logs out of the way to expose the coals.

Step four: Get your graham crackers and chocolate ready before you roast your marshmallows. Then, skewer the marshmallow and start roasting. Take care not to burn your marshmallow by slowly rotating it over the coals.

Step five: Once your marshmallow is toasty and warm, assemble your S'More and enjoy! Keep some napkins handy because this sweet, sticky treat will make a mess.

Now that you've perfected the S'More, branch out and try different ingredients. Try shortbread instead of graham crackers or different kinds of chocolate like dark, white or chocolate with chili, lavender or toffee. Enjoy the sweet, sticky, marshmallow treat next time you visit a cabin in Helen.

Improve Your Health: Escape to the Mountains

Cabin rentals
Everyone loves a vacation, but did you know a vacation might actually improve your health? Time and again, researchers have proven that taking time away from home, work and the stress of everyday life has positive implications for your physical and mental health. So this winter, take care of yourself and escape to the mountains of northern Georgia and improve your health in several ways.

Improve Your Mood
Escaping to the mountains on vacation has positive benefits for mental health. For women, a Wisconsin study found that taking regular vacations, at least two or more per year, reduced depression and tension and raised marital satisfaction.  These benefits alone should be enough to encourage you to get away for at least a weekend or two each year.

Additionally, being out in nature and the mountains gives our brains a chance to rest. With smart phones, deadlines and the pressures of everyday lives, we often make our brain concentrate too hard for too long a time in what is called "directed attention." Getting out into nature allows our brains to give our direct attention skills a rest and exercise our involuntary attention brain muscles. 

Improve Your Health
We certainly can't ignore our mental health, but vacation has the power to improve our physical health as well. Stress produces physiological changes on our bodies. The constant flood of adrenaline fueling our fight or flight instinct can increase the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure or heart disease. Stress also causes smaller symptoms like headaches, trouble sleeping and weight gain. 

Taking breaks from work and the demands of life lowers our stress levels and helps our bodies recover from the strains we put on them each day. Additionally, nature has proven restorative powers that help reduce stress levels and calm us down. Just looking out a window at nature can ease our stress. Staying in the cabin rentals in the northern Georgia mountains will afford plenty of time to enjoy the view or even take a hike to improve your health.

Solve Your Problems
Another study has shown that when we create a physical distance between ourselves and the problems we face in life, our brains can work more creatively to solve those problems. Getting away to the mountains to let our bodies and brains relax provides enough space for us to get creative about tackling a new project at work, figuring out how to make a home remodel work for you or to make big decisions like changing jobs, moving or going back to school. 

This winter, take care of yourself and escape to the natrual beauty of Helen, Ga to let the restorative power of nature heal your mind, body and soul.

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Enjoy Cabin Rentals in Helen GA for the Holidays

Cabins rentals in Helen Ga
The holiday season is such a special time for family and friends. Taking just a short time away from our busy lives to appreciate the simple pleasures of good food, good conversation and a warm fire can renew our spirits and prepare us to face a new year. This year, consider enjoying the cabin rentals in Helen for the holiday season. Whether you just need a getaway with your immediate family or want to plan a large family reunion, the cabins can accommodate your needs.

Finding the Right Cabin
The first step to enjoy your time in northern Georgia is to find a cabin to best suit your needs. Cabins run the gamut from large homes capable of sleeping up to 10 people to small retreats built just for two. All the cabins feature hot tubs and amenities such as fireplaces and entertainment centers. Larger cabins come with ready made entertainment such as pool tables, outdoor fire pits, large decks and access to walking paths. Enjoy the luxury of smaller homes that include gourmet kitchens and jacuzzi tubs. Whatever the size of your party or the length of your stay, there is a cabin for you.

Holiday Festivities

While you could easily enjoy your entire holiday celebration in the cabins, the surrounding areas of Northern Georgia offer a wide range of activities and festivities to enhance your holiday stay. Most of the mountain towns hold holiday parades, markets and bazaars, and tree lighting ceremonies. Check out these fun and festive activities. 
  • The annual Lighting of the Village in the Bavarian town of Helen complete with a visit from Santa Claus on Friday, Nov. 25, 2011.
  • The Helen, GA Annual Christmas Parade and Christmas in the Mountains Celebration on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011.
  • The Festival of Trees at Unicoi State Park from Nov. 25 through Dec. 10, 2011.
  • Dahlongega's Old Fashioned Christmas welcomes visitors the entire month of December with daily events and the chance to meet Santa each weekend.
  • Ride the Santa Express on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

Don't miss out on the holiday fun in Northern Georgia. Whether you take part in the many activities and festivities or just enjoy the perfect accommodations of the Northern GA cabin rentals, you will make holiday memories to last a lifetime.



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Helen Georgia - Holiday Events

Helen Georgia

For a terrific holiday escape for you and your loved ones you can book some time in a mountain rental cabin in beautiful Helen Georgia and make it your home away from home. You can sit by the fire with a cup of hot coco listening to the winter winds blowing around the eaves of your mountain hideaway.  Helen has a wealth of activities to offer visitors during the holiday season when it is transformed into a Christmas village that offers all the joys of the holiday season.

Romantic Couples Getaway at the Cabins in Helen Ga

cabins in Helen Ga
Nothing says romance like a quiet weekend away with the one you love. But you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to get away with your sweetie. Take advantage of some great romance packages and head to the beautiful cabins in northern Georgia. Book a cabin for your romantic cabin getaways now and reap the benefits of fewer crowds.
If you book a romantic weekend package now, you'll receive:
  • A $40 gift certificate to the Cafe La Piazza restaurant in Helen, Georgia, the premiere dining spot in Helen;
  • A tasty S'mores package and firewood waiting for you in your cabin to make for a cozy night by the fireplace;
  • And, if you book two days in a cabin in January, you will receive a third day free to extend your special weekend just a little longer.
Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals has several secluded cabins built just for two to choose from, just right for a romantic tryst in the mountains. Most of the cabins include jacuzzi tubs inside, hot tubs outside, pool tables, fireplaces and gourmet kitchens, not to mention the beautiful views from the private decks of the cabins in Helen Ga.
  • Enjoy the quiet seclusion of the Enchantment cabin, which features an extra large jacuzzi tub and an outdoor hot tub with views of the mountain forest. Sip coffee on the deck overlooking a creek. Cozy up to the rock fireplace or cook a gourmet meal in the kitchen equipped with granite counters.
  • In the Allure cabin with room just for two, relax in the large walk-in shower or soak in the large jacuzzi tub just steps away from a high end comfort mattress. The covered outdoor hot tub overlooks a rushing creek and looks out into the gorgeous Georgian Appalachian foothills.
  • The Bella Vista cabin lives up to its name with sweeping views of the mountains. Dine al fresco off the back deck and then retire to either the indoor jacuzzi tub with a window or the outdoor hot tub with a waterfall. If you have time in between all the relaxing and snuggling, you can even play a game of pool or two.
So grab your loved one and head up to Northern Georgia for a special weekend away in Helen Georgia.

Secluded Cabin Rentals For Couples

secluded cabin rentals

There are times when you just want to get away and spend some quality quiet time alone with your significant other.  You want to find a romantic locale to enjoy each others company, creating memories and reconnecting with the joys life has to offer.  The spirit of enduring romance still exists in the mountains of North Georgia.  There you can find your own home away from home with a few added amenities in one of the states. Secluded Cabin Rentals in the woods where you can enjoy the majestic beauty of the mountain vistas and the attractions of places like beautiful Helen GA.  It presents the perfect setting for marriage proposals under the beautiful Georgia sky, weddings in the majestic scenery, and honeymoons or anniversaries.

Top 3 Georgia Getaways

Georgia Getaways

Georgia is one of the original 13 U.S colonies and a top tourist destinations in the country. The state has so much to offer visitors as far as scenic and tourist destinations. Northern Georgia boasts some of the top destinations in the state. The top three northern Georgia getaways include the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Georgia wine country and the mountain town of Helen Georgia.

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest
The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest covers 18 counties in northern Georgia. It was established as a national park in 1936, and the U.S. government first purchased forest land here in 1911. The park covers more than 800,000 acres and is one of the top Georgia getaways for both local residents and travelers from around the country. The name was taken from the Native American tribes who originally inhabited the area. Chatta means stone and ho chee means marked or flowered.

The best places to visit inside the park include:
  • The Dyar Pasture Recreation Area;
  • Brasstown Bald, the tallest mountain in Georgia;
  • The twin waterfalls of the Ann Ruby Falls Recreation Area;
  • The Scull Shoals Historic Site;
  • The Georgia leg of the Appalachian Trail;
  • And the Track Rock Gap Petroglyph Site.

Georgia Wine Country
Most visitors to Georgia think about peaches before they think about grapes, but Georgia wine country is quickly growing in both size and quality. The majority of vineyards are clustered in the northern part of the state making this region perfect for a Georgia getaway. Combine both the lush scenery and recreational activities usually associated with northern Georgia and the burgeoning wine scene for a vacation to remember. The Winegrowers Association of Georgia offers links to wine country maps, event news and links to wineries to help plan your next trip.

Helen, Georgia
You don't have to visit the Alps to get a true Bavarian experience. Just go to Helen Georgia. This mountain town is an authentic recreation of a Bavarian mountain town complete with cobblestone streets, alpine architecture and a six-week long Oktoberfest each fall. The town hosts several events throughout the year and is a top Georgia getaway for those looking to see the autumnal foliage in all its glory. In Helen, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of adventure and fun from relaxing rounds of golf to exhilarating white water kayak or rafting trips. The town is also centrally located for day excursions into the Chattahoochee National Forest or wine country.

With several cabins in Helen Ga for rent, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and explore! So what are you waiting for?

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Pet Friendly Cabins in North Georgia Saves Big Bucks


Luxury Cabin Rentals in Helen Ga: A Value Guide

Helen Ga
Vacations are a right, something we work hard for and earn through our time and efforts. When we take vacations, we want to get the most for our money and enjoy our time away but without stressing out about breaking the bank. Luxury can be had at a value though by staying in the cabins in Helen Ga.

Let's do a quick comparison for staying in a luxury hotel vs. staying in a luxury cabin. Hotel rooms are just that, rooms. You get a bed, a dresser, a television, and, if you're lucky, a stiff love seat. A cabin is a full functioning luxury home. Yes, you get a bedroom but you also get a gourmet kitchen, comfortable living room, hot tub, deck, fireplace, family room, pool table and so much more.

Hotels pack several rooms into each building and you almost definitely will end up with neighbors on both sides, across the hall, and above and below you. The luxury cabins in Helen, GA give you privacy and enough space away from other cabins to enjoy your vacation in peace and quiet.

What do you see out the window of your luxury hotel room? Other buildings? The service entrance? If you want to see anything, you have to travel outside your hotel. Outside the windows of your luxury cabin in Helen, GA you have spacious views of the northern Appalachian foothills and surrounding wilderness. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery without even putting on your shoes.
There's also the matter of cost and convenience. At a luxury hotel, you have to pay for valet parking, eat all your meals out at restaurants in Helen, and seek out entertainment. These costs add up. At a luxury cabin, you can make all your meals in the gourmet kitchen, save on parking and have instant entertainment right outside your front door or in the cabin itself.

You deserve a luxury vacation and with luxury cabins, you can also afford one. Get the most value for your vacation with a stay in the luxury cabin rentals in Helen, GA.

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North Ga Cabin Rentals: Top 3 Questions You Must Ask

N Ga Cabin Rentals
You have long dreamed of taking some time off, leaving all your problems at the office and taking a long awaited vacation with your loved one.  But where do you go?  North Georgia Cabin Rentals may have everything you are looking for in the creation of vacation memories, so you can pack your bags, and your loved ones, perhaps even your family pets to take a trip to breathe the fresh cool air of the North Georgia Mountains.  But before you go you may want to take the time to consider three questions that could make your stay more enjoyable.  What is a good time of year to go?  What are some great cabin deals?  What attractions does the area in which you are staying have for you?

When is the best time of year to check out North Georgia Cabin Rentals?
Anytime of year is a great time to vacation in the mountains, but a lot depends on what you want to do while you are there.  In the spring and summer time Helen Georgia and the surrounding area is a premier spot for trout fishing in the Chattahoochee River or in Dukes Creek which has been called the holiest of holies in Georgia trout catching circles.  The autumn brings new beauty with its fall colors and Helen Georgia is famous for its Oktoberfest celebration complete with German music, dancing, festivities, and plenty of food.  The winter time transforms Helen,Georgia into a Christmas village when you can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage to enjoy the lights of the city and the spirit of Christmas.
What are some great deals in North Ga Cabin Rentals?

Escape cabin offers an escape from the drudgeries and doldrums of life when you want to find a home away from home surrounded by nature and only ten minutes from the attractions of Helen.  You can relax in the hot tub or Jacuzzi or you can sit on the deck admiring the beauty of the star-filled North Georgia sky.  Evenings can be spent snuggling next to the fireplace as you munch on smores and watch movies on the satellite TV.
Speckled Trout cabin offers mountain solitude with the majestic view of your own waterfall.  Relax in your hydrotherapy spa before sitting down to a meal on the back porch as you listen to the music of the birds in the trees.  It has all the amenities of home and then some.

What are some great things to do while staying with North Georgia Cabin Rentals?
You and your loved one can enjoy a sunset horseback ride from Sunburst Stables in Helen, or you can admire the beauty of the North Georgia landscape from the sky in a hot air balloon from Balloons over Georgia.  If the great outdoors is your passion you can take a stroll to Anna Ruby Falls to capture some photographic memories.

North Georgia Cabin Rentals have a lot to offer in what you are looking for.

Georgia Cabin Rentals Tips to Romance your Soulmate

Georgia Mountain Rentals
The romantic getaway is as American a tradition as Fourth of July, apple pie and Super Bowl Sunday. A weekend away for two people in love has the ability to rejuvenate, energize and refresh any relationship. Just two nights away can breathe life and vigor into a new romance or a 35-year-old marriage.

The Right Spot
Setting up the perfect romantic weekend to romance your sweetheart takes time and planning and must start with the perfect location. The Georgia Cabin rentals in the northern Appalachian foothills provide the perfect backdrop for your time away with your loved one. The spacious views, the scenic waterfalls, the cascading waterfalls combine into a prolonged love song that intoxicates you.

The Little Things
Choosing the right location is just the first step in romancing your lover. A great weekend away takes more than just a great location. It takes finesse, setting the mood and putting all the right elements in place. Right now, Cedar Creek Cabins, a premier provider of Georgia cabin rentals, has just the right romance package to make sure your weekend goes perfectly. With the amenities of the small, private Georgia cabins and the romantic package, you're sure to have a weekend to remember.
The romantic getaway package includes:
  • A S'Mores basket to enjoy around your cabin's fireplace or outdoor fire pit, chocolate and passion go hand in hand;
  • A firewood kit to keep the roaring blaze going all night long;
  • A private luxury cabin built just for two with a hydrotherapy spa hot tub to relax the mind and body;
  • An indoor jacuzzi tub right in the bedroom;
  • And a $40 gift card to a fine dining restaurant in Helen Georgia
Romance your soulmate with a weekend getaway in the Georgia mountain rentals. Bring all the elements of a perfect escape together with the Cedar Creek Cabins romance package, designed to bring joy, love and passion to your relationship.

Best Spots to Relax in the Georgia Mountains

Georgia MountiansWhen was the last time you were on a horse? How about rock climbing or white water rafting?
When was the last time you woke up to a deer nibbling on a bush outside your window  or a squirrel sitting on that window ledge peeking in on you?  Have you ever in your life woke to a babbling brook or cool breeze coming from the mountains.   And, if for some reason you do wake up and hear birds singing, water flowing  and that deer or two within vision range, it would be a safe bet that you just may be in one of our beautiful North Georgia cabins.
While the cabins are warm and cozy,  it certainly would benefit you to travel around the area and fill up your days with fun you wouldn't normally find in the city. Doesn't it seem surreal that anything this beautiful could be at your fingertips? 

So, if you have one week or two afforded to you for a vacation, why not take advantage of one of our North Georgia cabin rentals?  It’s a promise that the time spent with us will not be long enough.  Here you’re surrounded by things to do that perhaps you have never done before, whether on the cabin’s property or enjoying activities nearby.
Take horseback riding at Sunburst Stables, just a short distance in Clarksville.  This is one place where if you fall off that horse, you will have the time to get back on again and do it right.  Hiking!  Camping! Bird watching!  Wow!  Each second here is full of excitement and wonder.
Why not start your day off cooling down at the Southeastern Expeditions where you can go white water rafting.  Then, when you're fresh and about rock climbing?  3166 ft. of climbing and hiking at Mount Yonah should really tucker you out.  There are corn mazes for the kids in White County and even mini golf for the family.
Tired yet? There are spas and massages to take advantage of and maybe a little wine tasting on one of the local vineyards.  It’s all here when you take advantage of one of our Helen GA cabin rentals
Build a fire, watch a sunset, fall in love all over again or even for the first time!  Inhale the fresh air of the mountains and valleys and call our cabins 'home' for even the briefest visit.  And then, be assured it will not be your last.  You will look forward to a yearly getaway right back here among the mountains and rivers.  So, let’s not say, “Nice to see you”.  Let’s say, “Nice to see you again!    


A Georgia Vacation is Top Florida Residents' Choice

Georgia Vacations

You have been working in the office all year, waiting impatiently for the day to come and finally it arrives, the day you can lock up your office pack your bags and leave for a long needed vacation.  If the beaches of Florida are getting too crowded you might want to seek greener pastures for your Georgia vacation.  Pack your bags and seek new scenery traveling North across the state line into the beauteous mountains ofGeorgia.  The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia offer a wealth of opportunities for family vacations or romantic weekend getaways.

Holiday Family Reunions in Helen, Ga

family reunions
The holiday season makes an ideal time to get together with far flung family members for a reunion. During these days, we think of kith and kin, of hearth and home and we want to gather around those we love most. This year, schedule your family reunion for the cabins in Helen GA. The cabins in the mountain towns of the northern Appalachian foothills offer all kinds of fun winter activities for young and old alike.  

But the best reason to plan your family reunions at the cabins in Helen, GA is for the conveniences. Planning a family reunion in a rental cabin comes with several distinct advantages over holding the get together at someone's home or in a hotel. First, no one family member gets stuck hosting duties or has to worry about shopping, cleaning and cooking. Instead, families can work together and come up with a cooking schedule and shared menu while letting housekeeping take care of the cleaning up.

Staying in rental cabins also allows for the reunion to accommodate large families and groups for several days. Sure, a family reunion in a park for a couple of hours is fun, but it's not like spending a weekend or a few days together. Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals can work with groups as small as 10 and as large as over 100. The property features several cabin groups within walking distance of each other and within a short driving distance of the restaurants and shops in Helen GA. 

Phase I
Phase I features two pairs of cabins that share driveways with each other. These cabins and a fifth cabin border the same creek and families can easily get from one cabin to the other with just a short walk through the woods. All together, the cabins in Phase I can sleep up to 50 people.

Phase II
In this exclusive, gated community, seven cabins can hold up to 50 people. The Deer Crossing, Whispering Pines and Oak Hill cabins share a cul-de--sac and so do Bear Hollow, Hickory Woods and Hickory Hill. The seventh cabin, River Wilds, is just a half a mile away from the others. The close proximity of the cabins makes it easy to plan shared meals, play a quick game of football or let the kids roam with their cousins.

All the cabins feature the same great amenities: pool tables, hot tubs, gourmet kitchens and fireplaces. Don't go to the same tired community hall or park for your family this year. Instead, make some memories to last a lifetime by getting away to the cabins in Helen, GA.

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January Cabin Specials Galore in Helen GA

Helen Ga
You have been dreaming of spending some time alone with your loved one in a romantic setting, perhaps spending cozy intimate moments by a crackling fire in the fireplace.  You can make that dream a reality in beautiful Helen GA which can become your premier romantic getaway that will create lasting memories as the two of you get closer together.  Imagine a mountain cabin rental with a majestic view of snow-covered mountain vistas or a beautiful waterfall.
You can spend romantic evenings stargazing, soaking in the hot tub, or cozying up to the fireplace as the snow falls outside.  During the month of January you can experience the romance of the North Georgia mountains by booking a Romance Package for your own special mountain getaway.  It includes a forty dollar diners card for use at one of Helens top restaurants, free firewood and smores, and cabins with hydrotherapy spa tubs.  In addition, if you book in the month of January you will get an extra night free of charge.

What are some of the most romantic cabins in Helen GA?

Bear Affair cabin is ideal for a romantic mountain getaway.  Its rustic charm gives guests the feeling of quiet serenity while being only six minutes from the Alpine town of Helen, GA and all the attractions and activities it has to offer.  You can plan a romantic dinner in town ending with a Alpine Carriage Ride to enjoy the lights, and later return to your cabin for a cozy evening snuggling by the fireplace.  You can have a relaxing soak in the hot tub, or if you prefer you can enjoy smores while sitting around the fire-pit.  Relax in the cushioned rockers or the love-seat built for two and enjoy each others company under the gorgeous North Georgia sky.

Bella Vista offers a breathtaking view morning, noon, and night.  During the day you can enjoy an unobstructed mountain vista, and at night you can see the lights of Helen, GA under a sky full of stars.  The indoor Jacuzzi tub has its own waterfall or you can take pleasure in moments the outdoor spa.  The billiards table is available for an enjoyable game, or you can relax in the glow of the fireplace enjoying each others company.
No matter what exactly you're looking for as a get away, the cabins in Helen GA are a great place to start.

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